Why does my SGI workstation have a different gl.h??

Ok here is the deal… I have a old program written for an SGI machine. it includes gl.h and thats it. I noticed that it was using calls to functions that are “opengl-ish” but not the opengl that Im used to. For instance the functions do not have the gl prefix on the function names… Also the gl.h on the SGI machine has functions called winset,winopen,winget, etc… Now this stuff looks a lot like “normal” opengl but it isnt exactly. Does anyone know what this version of gl.h is??

I found a document on the web at http://hpc.snu.ac.kr/document/aixdocumentlibrary/en_US/a_doc_lib/aixprggd/gl32prgd/toc.htm talking about GL3.2 Version 4.1 for AIX: Programming Concepts. This stuff,dated 1994,looks a lot like what I am dealing with. Can anyone give me a liitle history on what this library is??

Sounds a lot like Iris GL (or SGI GL or whatever it was called) which was a predecessor to OpenGL.


thanks for the info guys, great link coconut!!

How interesting that the origins of OpenGL seem to be getting lost in the mists of time
(or is that linear fog?).

Oh, the PI, 4D, Indigo, Indy, O2 (my current box) …