why does alot of games freeze on my computer?

whenever the games freeze, it shows some weird looking code, then just stays like that, and freezes.

i think its the latest graphics driver that Nvidia realeased(which i have)

i have a GeForce 2 OnBoard but i know for a fact its not the game itself, cause it does this on almost every single game i play, btw, im using winxp, and its not heat problems, i have 3-4 fans in my computer…im also wondering if it might be a DirectX error or something…

i really want to fix this stupid problem…

Well, since you’re ruled out many of the possible culprits, it could also be:

  1. Spyware/virus/trojan

  2. Hardware failure

Of course, it could also be heat or some software glitch.

well its not a virus or anything, i have ad-aware, and norton. its not overheating. im thinking its either the graphics driver or some DirectX10 error. i have been told the newest driver for GeForce is a little bit faulty and is known to cause some problems…but i tried an urlier driver and instead of freezing it just made the computer restart…soo i dunno.