Why do tech sites do this?

You own a PC and enjoy using it. You are not a techie, but you have a tech problem. You find sites that deal with the soft- or hardware involved, and almost all of it is aimed at techies and developers. The simple user is SOL, lost in a sea of links that are as clear to them as Sanscrit.

If they have info at all for us mundane users who need to upgrade, install or understand something, it’s buried in the site. Why can’t tech sites have an upfront link to direct newbies and technically-challenged users to the information they are most likely to be looking for? The Sun.com site is a fine example of failure to give even a nod to the user; it’s a site dedicated to developers. You have to search for days just to find the basic java download. That alone makes me dread having to reinstall Windows. Even Microsoft is no great shakes - their knowledge base is aimed at pros too, not simple users.

I just want to know if my computer can use OpenGL or not. How do I do that?

If it can, how do I go about getting it, or enabling it?

I have Win98SE, an S3 ViRGE-DX/GX PCI (375/385), ViRGE DX/GX Rev B, 4MB total memory, graphics card, and a Samsung SyncMaster 551v monitor. My HD is 80G, with 126MB of RAM. My CPU is a Celeron 2.4(ish)Ghz. Don’t know what other info I should list here - just ask, and I’ll try to find it. My motherboard is a VIA Technologies :frowning: , with its own graphics card, which I didn’t like, so I used my older S3 card instead.

I may need an updated driver for the Video card, but the sites which have them are designed so you can’t find what you need. Hardware accelerated Direct 3D 8+ apparently isn’t supported, but might be if I get an updated driver. Dohh… To find an updated driver is to waste several days mucking around, and still not find one that you can be sure is the right one.

I haven’t a clue whether my system can use OpenGL, and there’s nothing I know of to do to find out.

Can someone help?

And can someone put out the word to the tech sites that plain-old users are not low-IQ subhuman primates, and should have easy access to the simple information they need? Our time is worth something, too. We need straightforward info, without the geek-speak (or at least with definitions, and with glossaries/translations of the terms in capital letters which are presumed everyone understands and most don’t).

It isn’t the techies themselves; it’s the tech sites I’m talking about. Many techies are really decent with us dumdums.

Okay, I’m done growling.

Ok I try to be as un-techy as possible.

The S3 Virge you use does not support OpenGL nor does it support DirectX5 or above (you can install DX-9 but that doesnt mean a thing, you can attach 30 tons to a car if you want…).

Its a 2nd generation 3d card, while games nowadays expect 5th or above generation 3d cards. The difference is more then 10 fold in speed and more than 5 fold in optics.

Its like you are trying to win an Indy500 with a Volkswagen Beatle.

You wont even make the qualifing and your are not looking so good.

You are right about the onboard VIA thing, on board things arent very speedy either but compared to that Virge, the on board 3d should scream. Honestly your CPU should be faster doing 3d in software then the Virge is doing it in hardware.

Unless you get a decent ATI or NVIDIA 3d card (those are the ones supported by most games) you wont have much fun.