Why did you chose opengl?

If you take a look at directX code vs openGL code that does the same thing, you wonder why anyone would ever choose directX. If you dont know the windows api or stuff like that then openGL is better because you can use glut. By the way to the person who didnt know what a function does. I hope you are saying that you dont know what a certian OpenGL function does.

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thats right, i was talking about an opengl function…i dod know what a c++ function is

To be honest, i didn’t choose OpenGL. I’m learning both OpenGL and DirectX. But i started out with OpenGL because there was so much more information out there for beginners. OpenGL is certainly easier to get started with and DirectX is a nightmare. However, I think OpenGL gets to be more work around areas like texturing (just a little bit more…but it’s more fun loading your own textures).

This forum was DEFINETELY a huge factor in my learning OpenGL first. It’s hard to find good help for DirectX.

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Edit: If you look at pure OpenGL code vs DirectX code…you’d be leaping at OpenGL and trying to burn the DirectX code at the same time. DX code looks confusing if you don’t know what’s happening. OpenGL function names and their parameters are like documentation in themselves.

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Since i dont know Directx.
OpenGL is great for begineers though i’ve learnt only a bit.

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This forum was DEFINETELY a huge factor in my learning OpenGL first. It’s hard to find good help for DirectX.

Same here. I tried looking around for good advice/support on DirectX before I decided that I didn’t like it.

Is anybody familiar with the old MSDN Online User Comments, from a couple years back? It existed around the time 8.0/8.0a were considered to be new, and it was not as nice as this board is. Basically, you post a question on how to do something specific using DirectX, and everyone else replied and made fun of you. Although you got nothing out of those flame-wars, to me it was entertaining to be involved in those conversations :stuck_out_tongue:

Is there anything opengl can do that direct3d can’t and vice versa?

Well you can do anything with one API that you can with the other one in terms of programming. However, OpenGL is platform independent and DirectX will ONLY run on windows systems. Some things are supported natively by one API, but not the other. Which doesn’t mean that both of them can’t do the same thing…it’s just you have to implement your own stuff in one. For example, DirectX natively supports transformations using quaternions, but OpenGL requires you to implement them.

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