Why did i buy voodoo?

most of you would be shouting at me saying get a new card, but i have a voodoo 4 (why?)
When i satrt quake 3, (yep) it says that 3dfxvgl.dll is wrong, hmm anyone know a possible solution? I have treid getting some drivers for it, oh yeah to make things worse i have windows xp. (i wonder if i can use my old win 98 disk…)

Well i’m not going to shough for the VooDoo since they were such a lovely comapany and it’s too bad that NVidia bought them and stopped the VooDoo support.Well anyway,the problem you have is very serious.WinXP requires to reinstall and video drivers but there are NO 3DFX drivers for XP.There is a chance to recover some stuff in Win98 but it don’t promise.I don’t wanna say it but better get a NV or ATI card.There is a small chance though.Try this site.They have drivers for the VooDoo cards:

That’s it.Take care!