Why are alot of game companies only using d3d??

when i feel opengl is much easier to program for and is supported by more operating systems. is this another way of microsoft saying that they want to control which api the programmers use?? like everything else they are trying to control…webtv, hotmail…etc

Depends on if you want to buy into the conspiracy theories like me It’s true that OpenGL 1.2 headers and libraries haven’t been released by Microsoft, despite OpenGL 1.2 drivers being available for some time now.

It pretty much boils down to control, like you said. Microsoft has complete control over DirectX and they probably offer incentives to game companies to use their API. Game companies want to program for Windows since it’s the most widely used OS so they do it with the Microsoft sanctioned library. Microsoft probably don’t like OpenGL since they don’t have control over the development of the API.

In answer to your question, game companies would use DirectX because of the incentives offered by Microsoft to do so.