Who uses Glut Glaux SDL etc? Just out of interest

I would be interested to know how many people out there use these types of libraries, as opposed to ‘raw’ C/C++, Delphi, VB or whatever to code their apps.

Personally, I find Glut, for example, more confusing than it’s worth. But I can imagine that for a complete beginner it does have some merits.

I sometimes use GLUT within my raw C++ code. If I don’t use GLUT, I use the Win32 API witing my raw C++ code. Or what do you mean by ‘raw’?

GLUT is wonderful for test/demontration application, since you can get a program up and running within a minute.

‘raw’ as in no extra ‘helper’ libraries …

GLUT is so good to create fast and easy all window class suport. You don´t need to use WIn 32 API, because GLUT optimize this task for you.

With the Win32 API you have so much more control over your application. In GLUT, you don’t have that much control over whats going on when creating/managing/destroying a window, for example.