Who maintains OpenGL?

First off, I’m sorry if I didn’t post this in the proper forum (I don’t think any apply, actually).

Who manages OpenGL? From my research, I’ve found that the ARB is responsible for it, but they recently gave control to Khronos. Does the ARB still exist–just that Khronos manages the ARB? Or, rather, has the ARB been completely removed?

Furthermore, I tried to find out which specific companies are actively involved with Khronos at contributing to the OpenGL specification, but no-where on http://www.khronos.org or http://www.opengl.org could I find such a list. I’ve found a Conformant Member List, but that page only covers OpenGL ES, OpenVG, and OpenKODE. What about OpenGL?


You should look at the Contributing and Promoting Members pages and then compare with the “Conformant Member List”. Which should lead you to a few educated guesses :slight_smile:

But a list of who’s in good stance isn’t publicly available AFAIK.

The ARB now exists as a working group within Khronos. The member companies are probably about the same (with ATI replaced by AMD), as those that came to the meeting listed at the top of http://www.opengl.org/about/arb/meeting_notes/notes/meeting_note_2004-12-07.html.

We hope they still maintain OpenGL. See the “OpenGL updates” thread on the announcements forum for the latest/last (in German there would be a word with both meaning to use here) news from them half a year ago and lots of posts by people that want to know if there’s been anything going on since then and if yes, what.


Does this mean that Microsoft no longer contributes to the ARB?

Microsoft has left the ARB many years ago. From what I understand they never have contributed anything besides saying once in a while “we have IP rights”