who can offer me complete source code of volume rendering !!!

i need complete source code of volume rendering based 2d texture(best) or 3d texture in opengl/vc++ on windows platform.
The reason i prefer the source code based 2d texture is that i just have pc computer (only have 2d texture graphic hardware).
thank you very much.
i am looking forward to it…
my email : guoxusheng@hotmail.com

Oh please, give it a rest… Repeating the same question ad nauseam is not going to help your popularity around here, you know.

Nobody on this forum is likely to just give you a complete application, for the same reason they wouldn’t let you copy their homework: it doesn’t help you any more than it helps them.

– Tom

For one thing, he didn’t ask for FREE source code. If you have source code you want to sell, you can still make him an offer.