Who can help me with this problem ?

I am not quite new in programming OpenGl but i need some help with this problem.

To my problem. Please first look at this pictrue (
as you can see i get 2 different Diameters D1 and D2. You can see this circle as a ellipse, so D1 and D2 are the 2 half axes.
I get all n time/way new measurment datas.
K1 and K2, with this value i get the information about the position of the ellipse.

So this information i had to visual. I dont’t want to texture it, no shadow etc. only draw some lines. What and How should i do ?

Lot’s of thanks

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points for the ellipse
for ( angle=0.0; angle <2*PI; angle += PI/100)
r = 1.0 /sqrt(cos(angle)cos(angle)/D1+
fprintf(result,"%.3f %.3f
cos(angle), r