Who can help me,I'm longing for a software which convert from 3D MAX to Opengl

I have heard that there is some cost free software which convert from 3D MAX to Opengl.Can you help me with it.Thanks a lot.
My email adress is: yxxin@263.net

I’m a student.My professor required me to construct a 3D model in Opengl.It is very complex.So I want to use 3D MAX first and then convert to Opengl in the later.But now I am in the swamp!Please help me!

just a note: opengl is just a 3D library.
it don’t have a file format, because this is a application task.

however, i know there are some programs wich can take a object definition file (max,3ds,lwo…) and build a C source.

then you compile this into your application and make use of the display list it creates.

i don’t know the program, but similar questions got answers in some topics here: look around for the posts.


Look for 3d exploration…
It’s a program that reads 3ds, and other formats, and exports the model in c code.
You then make a list and call it inside your program.


write yourself an object loader

goto www.wotsit.org

get info on the .3ds format

look up chapters in your C programming text on ‘file proccessing’ and write some code that reads the file.

Compile it in a display list.

Call the list in your display function.

It doesn’t sound nice, but its the best way.

3D Exploration: www.xdsoft.com/explore

It converts 3ds to cpp

I had the same problem. Teacher had us write a program to read in POV files. It works pretty smooth now, but it won’t read in textures/colors or seperate objects in the same file (treats all as one), and well, POV just isn’t that popular. Anyone know a really good format to use in games, that is easy (relativaly) to read or has some kind of a break-down program already written?

Also, I found that Milkshape3D will export many file formats, including POV, which could be handy, and its shareware. Sorry, I can’t remember the URL at the moment…