white textures on ATI hardware...

I’m losing perspective on a problem since a few days.
I usually do OpenGL work with contexts opened with Qt.

On a laptop, (ATI Radeon HD3400), I’ve installed Ubuntu 10.04 (32bits).
Latest driver has been installed sucessfully (10.7).

Basic examples (especially the one called “textures”) from Qt involving texturing are broken.
They just show white textures.
More advanced one, involving framebuffers are ok.

First example (using GLUT to open a window, and draw a textured cube) from the OpenGL Super Bible is also broken, except, when the window is open directly with glx calls…

So it’s not just a Qt thing.

Probably hard to find the answer with a vague description like this, but I’d like to know how you would hunt down the issue.
Where should I look?

I’ll probably try to install an older driver, if I can find it…
and see…

Thanks for any pointers.

White textures probably means the texture is not “complete”. Often, it could happen when the texturing mode requires mipmapping but you haven’t supplied all the mipmap levels.
Check out the code for those basic examples. Are they error free?

Run other examples such as the GLUT examles and perhaps some freeware games.