White screen

Hello! I have a big problem with OpenGL, I have resently strated learning it, and firstly all worked on my notebook, but one day, I launched Visual Studio 2010 and result of my code, wich worked a few days ago, was only white screen, with no content. It was a simple code with creating a colored window, no mistakes in it. I reinstalled VS, result is the same. I tried to start this code on another notebook, it works there perfectly. I reinstalled Windows, I thought that it is some kind of system problem, but after Windows reinstallation, result is the same - white screen with no content, and if I change the window size, the other part of it is black. I really have no idea what can it be. Maybe you can help me. I use NVIDIA GeForce 640M LE, if it is important. Thank you

Wow, reinstalling Studio and Windows was drastic. As a developer for 30 years, I am very skeptical of any claim of code containing no mistakes. I suggest you post your code. Maybe someone can help.