Which version of libxml2/iconv does Collada use?

A last try to get Collada working in VC++6.
I can link with a version of libxml2 for windows, but it crashes trying to load the file into the database. I must have an incorrcet version of libxml2.

I was able to get COllada to compile and link for VC++6, but i can not use the static libs supplied for libxml2 or iconv.

Which version of these are used in the collada distribution?
If I can not get the correct version to compile to match the Collada I built, we will not be able to use Collada with our apps.


The version of libxml distributed with the DOM installers is libxml2-2.6.26
It was downloaded from http://www.zlatkovic.com/pub/libxml/
I see there is a .27 version released now. Since it is a patch release increment I doubt there have been any major changes that would cause these issues. (but I don’t know for sure)

The DOM is distributed with iconv 1.9.2

I advise against static linking iconv_a.lib . This iconv implementation is LGPL licensed so static linking against it would require your applications to be LGPL or GPL. Libxml2 does not have that problem so you can link it which ever way you want.

I’m sorry I cannot be of more help. We do not support vc++6 and I personally don’t know the differences between that compiler and the newer versions to understand what could be going wrong.


Thanks for the info.
Since I do not want to give up on Collada, I’m also trying to upgrade the apps to VC++7. We’ll see which works (faster or at all).