Which red book edition

I am interested in aquiring an Open GL book, but I cannot figure out which one I should get.

The most recommended one seems to be the red book. However, I cannot decide which edition would be best. I have an older video card (Radeon X800 series) which supports up to version 2.1. The 7th edition red book is for version 3.3.

So, my question is this: would the 7th edition book work for my outdated video card? Or should I get the 6th edition for version 2.1? Or is there a better book to start with?

If you want to know if the red book is something for you, look at the HTML-format of version 1.1.


I’ve been using the red book 1.1, and so far everything has worked just fine. I don’t know what the newer versions have that’s different, but you can learn a lot from version 1.1.

Thanks for the responses. I guess I’ll read through the HTML version first then find out what’s different in the later versions.

There is A LOT OF new stuff in the newer editions. Some of them are crucial, like VBO, VAO, FBO, etc.

I have tried not to answer on this question for a long time, because there are so many posts about The Red Book, but claiming that there is nothing new in OpenGL Programming Guide since the first edition provoked me to write this.

Without any doubt, if you want to buy The Red Book, buy the newest edition (7th).

By the way, I took a glance at OpenGL SuperBible 5th Ed samples, and it seems like very interesting and more tutorial like approach. OpenGL Programing guide is an excellent reference book, but it is hard for novices to learn the “new path” from it.