Which Programming Language?

Hi all,

I want to develop software that allows a very simple stick figure to be able to move in complex ways. I am looking at doing this using OpenGL (duh…). Now at the moment I know 3 OO languages (Java, C++ and Python), but I know very little about OpenGL, and I am not sure which language i should use for the development. Could anyone give me some tips (advantages and disadvantages) for each language, with regards to OpenGL? I am also willing to take suggestions about other OO languages that might be useful.

C++ pretty much has native bindings for OpenGL and will be up to date. The others have third party or homespun wrappers to interface to OpenGL and may lag behind w.r.t. extensiosn and documentation for the latest stuff.

If you know these languages then you’re probably well equipped to judge for yourself already based on the languages more than OpenGL. I would recommend C++ personally since you know that. That’s what most of the example code, online tutorials and other libraries are in.

C/C++ makes the fastest applications, if you want to use java then have a look at JOGL.

If performance is the most important part, stick to C or C++, but otherwisr pick the language you like most yourself.