Which operating system?

Hello folks!

I’m going to format my drive soon and I wonder which operating system I should install. I’m mainly using the machine for coding OpenGL. I have a P2-300 with 96 megs and a TNT2 Ultra. Win98SE, WinME, WinNT 4 or Win2000 ? Linux is not an option.


I say win98 ! I had a friend who installed WinME and after that his Geforce2 didnt work so he had to go back to Win98 again.

Well win2k is very stable, runs anything made for it. Games and some programs have problems with win2k. But for developing it’s great. But i think you’re going to need just a little more mem for win2k.

I would choose win2k over win98.

What about BeOS5.0 ?
Fastest public OpenGL implementation available.
Rock stable, and fast.
Active community…

Much better (way better) than Linux.
I only use BeOS5.0.3 Professionnal


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Why isn’t Linux an option? The nvidia drivers for Linux are GREAT, and 96 MB of RAM is more than you need.

Linux would be a great OS to start building for,
but it’s a bitch if you can’t get the drivers to work properly

None of the RPM’s would work on mine so I had
to manually build and move everything to the right
places (took about half a day to set up and get
Quake3 and Unreal Tournament to work)

I’ve got a GeForce2, and it runs fine under WinME for me. No problems whatsoever.

I use both a GeForce 2 and a TNT2 on Windows 2000 and have had no problems. Windows 2000 is great to code on. You have nearly all the flexibility of Windows 98/ME (like the latest Directx- for DirectInput of course not Direct3D =) but you also get nearly all the stability of Windows NT (the kernel says, “NO! My memory! You die now!”). It’s great coding on a system where accidently addressing the wrong memory won’t cause a BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH! Windows 2000 is compatible with very nearly every game and 3D demo that Windows 98/ME is. You just have to watch out for little podunk software companies still coding in Windows 95. There are also many little improvements that were made to Windows 2000 to make it easier to code on. And if all of this doesn’t persuade you, just think- nearly every major game developer is using Windows 2000 to code on!