Which OpenGL implementation to use under Windows?

Hi all,

I work for a games software house and will be doing some OpenGL work - after trying for ages to convince them to let me do it - but I have a problem; which OpenGL implementation should I use?

M$ doesn’t support 1.2. The SGI implementation i’m not too sure about yet. Then there is something by 3DFX that ID Software use for their games.

Could somebody give me some ideas as to which I should use and why?

BTW, I pretty much just starting with OpenGL although I have had some experience with it.

Also, as far as I know DirectX cannot be used through OpenGL, is this true? So, I cannot enumerate device modes, is this correct?

Is there any way of using DirectX with OpenGL?


There was a tutorial about using DirectCrap to enumerate modes for use in OpenGL somewhere… Now if I just would remember where it was So, it is possible.

I just did a small program, using DirectX+OpenGL
What I use DirectDraw for, is switching video modes. I think it’s not possible to create a DDraw surface and attach a GL rendering context; at least, I was not able to do it
Anyway, I can set vidmode, switch to fullscreen exclusive mode, and create a top window: then setup the pixel format, create the gl context and begin rendering.
This is mainly what you can do, with DDraw.
For othex DX components, it should be no problem, but forget D3D obviously!