Which one?

I’m a little confused as to which one of these things (OpenGL ES or OpenML) I should use or if neither would work for my situation…

I’ll tell you what I need and you tell me what I should do: I’m looking for something that can take a bitmap file and blit it on the screen. I’ve looked at DD and D3D but neither really work for me, the standard bitblt() would be too slow eventually, and OpenGL doesn’t really support it without doing some really funky stuff. So what do you think? Did I take a wrong turn or is this where I should be?

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If you want it to blit really fast, use DirectDraw, if you could get used to a little bit slower blits, use good old GDI…

if you like a easy library to use for simple blitting to screen, take a look at TinyPTC it handles all these methods and another one, and it’s really small…

The problem with DirectDraw is it uses a whole crap load of memory to do and I’m shooting towards software rendered graphics. Do the other ones handle memory better or is this just something I’m going to have to live with?

How do you manage to get DirectDraw to use craploads of memory :slight_smile: i’d always thought that it was quite memory-effective, not compared to gdi.

but on the other side, with todays’ computers you cant really notice the difference unless you’re using it on fullscreen

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