Which One ?

Im sure if i should go with glut or with windows to use opengl. Any suggestions ?

Whats the advantages and disadvantages of both ?

I tend to use glut mainly for quick little demos, for experimentation, or things that I want to compile in Linux as well.

I tend to use MFC for things that I intend to have more of a GUI for and performance isn’t a big issue. For instance, model viewer type apps, a particle explorer app I wrote that has dialog boxes for adjusting parameters for the particles, etc.

I tend to use Win32 for Windows only code that I want to have pretty good performance. For instance games, screen savers, etc.

With Win32 you get better control of the “message pump”. But if you’re not already familiar with Win32 programming, you’ll want to learn that pretty well before diving into OpenGL if you decide to use that.

There are also other options like SDL and GLFW. I haven’t really used either enough to give opinions on them, though.