Which matrix order, handedness and Z range expects Vulkan?

So far, i am unaware if Vulkan supports Row or Column major matrices, left or right handedness (open GL typically uses right) and the z range of the NDC which i think it is [0.0f-1.0f] Which are the exact values?

Vulkan itself does not know about matrices, but as shaders will mostly use GLSL as the front end the same rules apply here too.

Coord system is top-left (contrary to OpenGL which is bottom-left), so it’s like OpenGL but with Y flipped (which affects your winding order)

And yes, NDC Z-Range is [0…1], see section 23.2 of the specs for details (https://www.khronos.org/registry/vulkan/specs/1.0-wsi_extensions/xhtml/vkspec.html#vertexpostproc-clipping)