which language?

I have some knowledge of most of the common programming languages, Delphi, VB, C, C++, Java, Lingo (Director) but not ‘advanced’ in any.

I have just started openGL (using Superbible). All code will be windows based.

1.Which language should I use and why?

2.How can I get openGL onto a web page?

3.Good source/books/www for code/tips/hints?


Though i am currently using Delphi, I think that Visual Studio is the best language. You can find pretty good tutorials at toiletman.spedia.net.

I would suggest using C or C++ because the majority of the example code that I have seen out there is written in C/C++. Take a look at www.opengl.org for a ton of OpenGL related code and web pages.

Nate http://nate.scuzzy.net

for books, look the quick links of this site.


thanks all,

I will now concentrate using MS Visual C++

I have also been looking into DirectX (for sound, video, etc). Most of the code also seems to be in Visual C++

Using OpenGL with DirectX (instead of using Direct3D) sounds very interesting.

I ahve noted that DirectX code seems more long winded and complex the OpenGL.

Have been trying to avoid C++ for sometime, ah well, better get my learning cap on!


Originally posted by kenneth orr:

I will now concentrate using MS Visual C++

You might want to consider using Borland C++Builder. It makes windows programming and event handling a breeze and it has a fast and higly ANSI C++ compliant compiler. There is a demo on using OpenGL with Borland C++Builder at: http://community.borland.com/article/0,1410,10528,00.html

I use too C++ Builder 4 in order to make a modeler for povray, and it is great. Every event are too simple to manage, button, list, panel ect are too simple to create.
Yeah, it is too too great, really!

Use C ++ Builder.

I have done some benchmarks comparing visual c++ and c++builder with opengl, C++ builder is faster, all the more than u can know compile a visual studio project with c++ builder version 4. Really cool! USE IT !!!
(i’m not from borland…)

I may look into C++ Builder but I already own VC++6.0 so I will learn using it, for the moment.

As a learner programmer, I find C++ hard going. I’m a graduate Engineer who should have studied Computer Science.

I now work in Multimedia/Web (Director/Lingo, Flash, PhotoShop, etc) and want to continue in this area.

The attraction to OpenGL (and DirectX) is that most Multimedia apps are very slow for complex animation and don’t support interactive 3D beyond QTVR!

Thanks all.