if Money is no object
What is the best card for Linux OPENGL Support

Please Consider - Driver Stablity etc

I would recommend a Geforce card (GF3 for example if money is not the issue).
Their drivers are damn fast but unfortunately they are not very stable. A buggy opengl program could crash x-windows.
I think the voodoo series must have more stable/less optimal drivers but now that 3dfx is sold out to nvidia I would suggest staying away from it.
GeForce is the best bet right now since nvidia supports the linux platform (even without open-source) in house.

I have been very pleased with my Matrox G450 so far, especially since upgrading to XFree 4.0.3. The DRI code in previous version would lock up on a regular basis, but it hasn’t happened since I upgraded (which was shortly after 4.0.3 was released).

Matrox also has pretty good support, with pretty clear instructions on how to get going, and they have bulletin boards (exactly like these ones) if you run into problems.

I’d second the recommendation for a GeForce card. I use a GeForce 2 GTS with nVidia’s drivers and kernel 2.4.4, and it is damn fast. Quake-III maxes at 250fps on my machine.

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