Which GeForce2 Pro brand?


I’ve been looking at different brands that are offering the GeForce2 Pro 64MB card at pricewatch.com. But, I’m not sure which to go with. Does anyone have good/bad experiences with any of the manufacturers listed below?

$184 - eVGA
$184 - MSI
$185 - PowerColor Computer
$194 - Leadtek
$202 - Inno3d
$219 - Vision Tek
$245 - AsusTek
$265 - Gainward


Well, I’ve heard nothing but good things about the Visiontek cards. My buddy has a Visiontek Ultra, and that thing rocks!

However, the MSI cards are supposed to be decent as well, from what I’ve hard, and they can be a little bit cheaper. Also note that Nvidia is now retailing the Pro cards, instead of just OEM’ing them to manufacturers, so the price is going down a little bit. I’d hang tight for a week or two and see where the prices go before I purchased, if I were you.

Hope that helps.

eehhh…guys…ever heard of Hercules???
there are curently no faster G-Force2 card’s out…so…what are u whaiting fore…they have EXELENT driver’s, and iff ure planing a casemod. u can show off ur shiny BLUE pcb of a card ;-))