Which engine to choose?


Which engine should I choose?

I am starting a project where we need to build a virtual world, and insert/identify/hide/show/move/scale objects, change attributes etc.

We need an engine that allows FAST development of rather simple virtual worlds, preferably using up-to-date technology. We are working on Windows XP using Visual Studio .NET.

Both commercial and open source engines are of interest.

Any suggestions? -There are WAY TOO MANY to choose from…


well irrlicht i find is a very easy to use engine,although it is not just opengl. Ogre is another good engine (again not just opengl),in raw speed ogre is faster than irrlicht, it has more features than irrlicht but to a newbie it is harder to use.

To really answer your question you need to elaborate a bit. When u say virtual worlds, do you mean indoor worlds? …large outdoor terrains??


It is indoor. I’ve briefly looked at Irrlicht. Looks good, however, I have found a piece of software that I have never seen before:

What I find fascinating is the total pakkage with 2D and 3D editor, sound editor, and finally (the most important feature) the tight link with Visual Studio.

I haven’t found any competitors to match DX Studio, since what I need is a way to quickly make 3D models (by importing objects), and having the ability to control the objects from source code. There aren’t any physical laws or collision detection in this software, but I guess maybe it is possible to use existing game engines together with this program?

I think I’ll stick to DX Studio, but if you have suggestions to competitors, please let me know!!

PS! DX Studio is (as revealed by its name) based no DirectX, but I couldn’t care less if it was OpenGL or DirectX - I want to work on a high level and not care about the low-level coding (I’ve spent my time in the OpenGL “basement”)…


Do you know Ogre3D ?
If you’re interested… http://www.ogre3d.org/


I have written the 3D engine Gizmo3D that you can download and try at www.gizmosdk.se (Saab Training Systems Produkt)

Saab ??? like the car constructor ? :confused:

Almost. Not the actual car company but the aircraft company…


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