which dll do i reference for wglUseFontOutlines

im upgrading my component to vb7 from vb6. i get an error saying that the entry point in the dll could not be found. Isnt this function declared in OPENGL32.DLL? i tried even GDI32.DLL but that doesnt work either.

Private Declare Function wglUseFontOutlines Lib “OPENGL32.DLL” (ByVal hdc As Integer, ByVal first As Integer, ByVal count As Integer, ByVal listBase As Integer, ByVal deviation As Single, ByVal extrusion As Single, ByVal format As Integer, ByVal lpgmf As GLYPHMETRICSFLOAT) As Integer

thank you

Hi !

Not sure what the problem is but it should be in opengl32.lib, it has always been there and still is.