Which Devices ?

I am new to OpenglES, and would like to work on pocket pc.

Which device u guys recommend ??

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How about the Intel Optimization Kit, which includes a Dell Axim?

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O, it is a good idea!!! Thanks ~!

How about the others ?
Also, which devices not recommended for OpenglES ??

can anyone help me?
i’m a very beginner for OpenGLES
and very interest with OpenGLES.

is OPENGLES work with Symbian(Handphone)?
what type of NOKIA series or other?

what development software or emulator(under windows) which i can use to make an application?


You might want to review the news posted on this site; post implementations available have made an appearance here.

For Symbian, there are the following options to my knowledge:

  • Symbian OS 8.0 will include an OpenGL ES driver
  • You can license Hybrid’s software renderer for Series 60 devices
  • A port of Klimt to Series 60 is under way
  • A port of Vincent to Series 60 devices is also in the making, but I am looking for interested volunteers to help out on this platform.


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