Which compiler??

yep… like the topic says… which compiler do you recomend to use for programming 3D-engines… I am using win9x,ME actually . what about microsoft visual c++ 6.0 ? or is there any better? I want to use openGL.
Is the openGL libraries included in ms v c++ ? or do I have to install something extra??


what is the difference between openGL and direct3D ?? which is the best and easiest to learn?

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What I may recommend is to switch to Linux -
when using glut you avoid messy windows managing stuff and if you do it correct tho code will be protable. VC++ and Borland C++ Builder are A BIT difficult at the beginning and even more in the end…
Coding and compiling from my experience takes less time under Linux than under windows.
Last but not least it’s cheaper.

VC6 & VC7 are great options & windows isn’t that bad at all. BTW, code writen on Linux w/ GLUT dosn’t allways run on windows, checked myself

heheh ok… thanks… then I’ll go for ms visual c++ 6…