Which book do you recommend for beginners

Which book do you guys recommend to start studding OpenGL in VC++ 6.

I know VC++ 6 very well, So I just need to focus on OpenGL

I got started with OpenGL Game Programming.
OpenGL Programming Guide is a must have as it’s the official OpenGL book.
Ed Angels’ Computer Graphics: A Top Down Approach using OpenGL is another good textbook.
Good luck!

you can read nehe’s tutorial they are very easy to understand.

I raccomand the “OpenGL Superbible” but I didn’t read the last edition. I read the second edition which had some missings here and there but a rather good reading anyway.
I am against “OpenGL game programming” by gamedev.net: way too badly done, mainly just cut and paste from tutorials you can get from the net - don’t buy it!
I also raccomand to switch to a more recent compiler. I started having nasty errors some time ago with VC++6.
Right now, MS is freely distributing its MSVC.NET2005 Beta1. The only problem is that it does not include platform SDK but only .NET. The other problem is that it is rumored that GL lib and headers won’t be included in this release.
While I don’t think you’ll need the extra functionalities in the short run, the IDE is much improved. It helps you quite a bit.