which API, UTIL for 2D how to draw in own window

Dear friends,

I am bloody new to openGL.
My initial problem is to write an application in managed code that draws curves in several viewports. The curves can be dynamically dragged with the mouse.
Therefore speed is kind of important.

First I tried to use .net functionality like double buffering in bitmap objects. But the GC doesn’t properly collect when I resize the window and therefore need to create new bmp’s.

So now I want to use OpenGL and don’t know which tools most suite my needs or if I need any tools at all.

Looking at some demos I see that always an OpenGL window is used. But I am sure there is a way to either specify some screen coordinates or a native windows handle. Which in this case would be the handle to a control, not a window by means of top or sub level window.
Can you spread some light on this?

Just a note: In OpenGL you can set up several viewports in the same window, without using sub windows. Each viewport can have its own coordinate system (e.g. a 2D system that corresponds to the physical/desktop window coordinates).

Although it does not solve your problem exactly, you can have a look at the ‘splitview’ demo in the GLFW distribution .