Where would I find old files?

In order to mod a game, I need to have 2 files. I have tried using google, but it didn’t help alot.
So; Is there a mirror site that has old files of collada on it; or can someone host it for me?

Collada xmlns version 1.4.0
ColladaMaya 0.86

Are the 2 files I need. I would use the most current version, but the tools that mod the game engine don’t work correctly with the most recent versions.
I’m new to modeling in general, and if I didn’t include anything please tell me.

You should ask Feeling Software for the older ColladaMaya plug-in.
But the right thing to do is to get the mod tool to be fixed.
What tool are we talking about ?

It’s a tool called HPL helper. The game’s engine is called HPL.
The helper isn’t required, but it makes things alot faster. You can test to see if your map will work with the actual game by a function in the Helper, but when using the new versions of Collada they will not show up.
You can view models the same way, but once again they do not show up. The game’s pre-built maps/models do show up however, so it is not a problem with the Helper.

And by contacting feeling software, does that mean by email or by forum?
(sorry for the long response time, I had forgotten about this)

do you have the URL for HPL ?

Regarding Feeling, it is probably best to use the Feeling forum, so others having the same question can see the answer.

– Remi

I’m not too sure, but I believe HPL is based off of Newton Game Dynamics.


HPL helper is currently not-officially-available-from-the-developers for some reason, but when the tech demo was out they had released a version that could modify the tech demo engine.
I recently hosted that on their site;
(note, that’s a mirror)
http://frictionalgames.com/forum/showth … 176&page=1
Is the page I got the mirror off of.

I’ll register at their forum though, thanks for the help.