Where wglAllocateMemoryNV belong?

When I look in wglext.h I found that wglAllocateMemoryNV belongs to WGL_NV_vertex_array_range extension. But in new driver releases WGL_NV_vertex_array_range are omitted, but I can still query for that entry point.
So what’s going on with this func?


Have you tried using wglgetprocaddress to querry the extension function rather than the string? I’m not saying you haven’t spotted an issue but this may be a WAR.

I have hand made app that can parse glext.h and wglext.h and create .cpp extension mapper. It should be part of GL_NV_VAR but in headers are part of WGL_NV_VAR. I have to change generated code to map wglAllocateMemoryNV. Mapper check if some ext are avaible then map all ext entry points.

I think Im gonna change my app to try to map all existing entry points and use extension string only for checking is some ext avaible on hw.

Anyway… someone should fix this issue in glext.h and wglext.h