where to start

I have, Suse 10.2 and the Anjuta cpp compiler up and running. I have also downloaded Mesa 7.0 and MesaGlut 7.0. Where can I get really basic information on how to hop in and start making all of this work? Is this even reasonably doable?
Many thanks.

Could you probably explain what exacly you are trying to do? Also, you may be interested in the OpenGL wiki.

I’m assuming that the way OpenGL and Gluut works is to use them as a CPP add on graphics libray to my existing CPP platform where I can use all the math transformations and array analysis techniques that I’ve written in years past. Is this how it works or should I treat GL and Glut as independant platforms with all the CPP functions built right in?

As a point of interest I’ve decided to go the GL wiki route rather than Mesa.

I don’t really understand… OpenGL is a graphics library that allows you to create images. GLUT is a framework libraray that provides platform-independent API layer around windowing and OpenGL initialisation. If you want to learn how to use OpenGL, you should look at some tutorials, there are plenty to be found on the internet (google for Nehe lessons).

And what do you mean by “decided to go the GL wiki route rather than Mesa”?