Where to start?

I’d like to get started doing some OpenGL programming and I’m wondering if anyone knows a good starting point. I know C, have a basic understanding of what OpenGL does, and have a fairly good (though its been a while) background in Matrix math, Diff Equs, and such.

Anyway, I’d really like to get an overview of how a typical engine (i.e. Quake II) works and then approach the details. So far, all the resources I’ve found take a bottom-up, here’s the glut calls you need to make to open a window, approach to the subject, and I’d like a more top-down look at it.

Any help is appreciated.


A good starting point to OpenGL is http://nehe.gamedev.net , but understanding of so one Quake engine will take a while.

Game programming Gems is a pretty good book. It covers topics, not basics; but the source code is available for most. It goes into collision detection, octrees, game AI, terrain generation, etc. It doesn’t tell you how to build an engine, but it gives you a lot of the pieces of the puzzle. You probably will need to supplement it with a GL programming book later on though.

Thanks guys.

I’ve actually already been going through the Red Book (I forget the actual title) and it has been interesting and helpful, but I defintatly want to supplement it with an overview. I’ll try the book and site you reccomended.