Where to Start? Library/Framework f. Visualisatio

my question is OpenGL related, but no on a specific coding problem, sorry for being slightly of off-topic, but I hope you can give me some hints:

I need to decide on what tools and libraries or frameworks to use to visualise the results of some scientific simulations. I have to be able to render point cloud data, voxels and triangular meshes. I guess using OpenGL would be a good idea, especially since I’m thinking about using OpenCL for part of the calculation later.

So where to start? Based on the little information above, can you recommend a library/framework for my task? The language is not so important, could be C/C++, Java or Python, but I’m looking something that makes it easy to set-up a 3D world, in which I can rotate, pan, zoom and export/import geometry etc, while the simulation is running and I’d be nice if the library could help me in organizing the data, eg. kd-tree support would be good (for the point cloud data).

Right now I’m testing simulation algorithms as small scripts inside a CAD program (Rhino3D) because that give me a proper 3D environment without a single line of code. :slight_smile: But this approach is not fast enough for lager simulations.

So, any recommendation?


VTK seem to excel in scientific visualisation :

It uses OpenGL under the hood.


> [VTK, http://www.vtk.org/]

Thanks for the link. I found several other libraries/frameworks, but missed this one. Looks very interesting - though might not be that easy to use.

See you