Where to now?

Hi, I’m learning OpenGL mainly because I want to create games and maybe some cool looking 3D demo’s. So far I can draw a rotating 3D object (cube or teapot), get user input, and have lighting in the scene. Can you suggest what should my next step be? And PLEASE don’t point me to NeHe or something because those tutorials are for Windows and I use linux. Remember, I want to make games and non interactive demos.

NeHe tutorials is for all kind of formats also linux.

You could start building a simple world using techniques like BSP-trees or (loose) octrees.

You could start by setting up a first person camera (if you haven’t yet).
Or start to implement (simple) collision detection and more advanced modeling of objects.
Also machine independent animation of your models is an option.

AI and control logic of a game is also a very interesting field of a game…


good luck,

Daniel Palomo van Es.

a good way is also to look at some “oldschool” demo-sources or intros to learn some BSP-stuff and so. good sources are:
www.cubic.org/source/ www.hornet.org/code/



Me again.

A good thing would be if you use GLUT or libsdl (www.libsdl.org).
this are portable libraries. I code my stuff total system-unindependend, cause so it is very easy to release your progs, demos or games and so on very many platforms.

try also nate.scuzzy.net