Where to get subd.lib for NVIDIA?

Does anybody knows what is subd.lib and where can I get it? I’m trying to make work the NVIDIA
OpenGL demo,but it requires this lib file.
In NVIDIA I can get an answer only in 10 days,but
it is urgent.

What demo?


Dynamic ambient occlusion (from NVIDIA SDK 9.5)
I cant build the solution because the subd.lib is missing.


Hmm, what’s weird is I have that file in the same dir as the source.

But I checked the DynamicAO.zip file on the dev site and I don’t see it in there.

Have you tried installing the entire SDK?


Well how about that. On my home computer I don’t have that file even though I have the entire SDK installed on here. But it’s on my work machine sooooo…I guess when they packaged everything up, that lib was forgotten. I’ll send it to you as it’s REQUIRED for this demo to compile and should have been in the SDK in the first place.


If You have this lib ,please,send it to

I installed all the SDK,but this lib was not there.I could not found it also searching by Google.

Thank You.