Where to get OpenGL for WinXP

Silly question, but I am new to OpenGL. I see that there is a new version as of August, where do I get it from, or is it included in Windows Update. Also, where do I check on my system to determine what version I am running.
I have a Compaq Presario, Pentium 4, 2 ghz, 2 gig of ram, with an ATI X1600 Pro AGP video card with 512mb ram.
My Trainz2006 game supports either OpenGL or DirectX9. Didn’t know which one was better to use. I’m already at DirectX9 and wanted to make sure I was at the most current release of OpenGL. ATI says my card supports either.

all you need to do is to update your graphic card drivers.

Find the latest ATI Catalyst driver https://support.ati.com/ics/support/default.asp?deptID=894&task=knowledge&folderID=293

OK thanks. I updated my ATI graphics card drivers just last week.
Guess I just need to try my game out with OpenGL, then again with DirectX9 to see which one does better. Thanks again for the quick response. :slight_smile:

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