Where to get gl_sin.h?

Why i’m trying to build sample implementation using Visual C++ under Win2K, compiler can’t find this file. For example, in uglu.c, th folowing line

So, where to get it?

Hi all,

having the same missing gl_sin.h problem here :frowning:


compile the gentable.c file in es directory, and output gl_sin.h

Compile gentable.c, it cann’t get gl_sin.h !
How to solve it!

Well, I think we should go and take you step by step :cool:

Step 1: Compile the Gentable.c and get an executable.

If you give a little look at the source code, that’s easy to see that this lil
prog one could make on his/her self takes
and parses one param.
This param can be :

-e : Builds an EXP table
-s : Builds a SIN table
-r : Builds a Reciprocal table
-q : Builds a Reciprocal Squareroot table

Said this, you can launch the program like this : (example)

Gentable -s

This will print on the screen all the table contents generated.

So here we have the next step:

Step 2: Generate gl_sin.h

To do this simply write down on DOS, (Or create a batch file) with the following:

Gentable.exe -s >> gl_sin.h

And you have got your gl_sin.h file ^_^.
That’s all

:cool: Crash…

HEHE thats was like the first thing I thought about doing when I got this error, NOT!.

I wonder why it wasnt just added precalculated in the source package, especially since it’s mentioned no where in the install guide that you need to do this.

I prepared the file for those guys that dont wan’t to waste time on compiling it -> http://t23.homepage.dk/gl_sin.zip

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