Where to find Tutorials howto use a pbuffer?

Hi there!

Does anybody know where to find a good tutorial howto use pbuffers and where to find some technical docs about limitations, performance…

Best would be docs that are written using GLUT, cause its platform independent. Some time ago I saw a pbuffer tutorial using winapi and I did understand nothing :wink:

Thanks in advance, lg Clemens

Well actually you have to use WGL stuff to deal with pbuffers, so platform independance presently not ppossible (there is a simpler/better pbuffer-like extension in the final works right now).

If it can of some help, I have done some programs with pbuffers and RTT on windows, using GLFW (cross-platform like glut) for everything but what is actually needed by pbuffers. It is not really a tutorial but the code may help anyway :

I you have problems with it I will be glad to help.

Well, thanks a lot for the link, but pbuffers simply are not platform dependent, and because I do all coding on Linux WGL-stuff is simply useless for me.

I know that all new ATI-drivers and NVidia drivers support pbuffers on linux since a long time but I simply cant find tuts howto use pbuffers with linux.

Anyway, thanks a lot for your help.

lg Clemens

I found the examples in nvidia’s latest sdk a good starting point for pbuffer info, though I think I had to tweak a few things to get them to compile with my linux setup.

Thanks a lot!

I’ll download the sdk and try it as soon as I can!

Thanks again, lg Clemens