Where to find texture formats supported by opengl?

I’'m programming a vertex shader using GLSL.
I tried to acces a 3D texture in the vertex shader but I have a problem with which format texture I have to use.
I have read NVIDIA OpenGL 2.0 Support, at the item the documents speaks about these formats: GL_RGBA_FLOAT32_ARB

Where are these items defined? I have download the last NVIDIA SDK, but these items aren’'t defined ??? Meaning which are the include files needed to use these formats…maybe is needed some extension wrapper like GLEW (we are using it…could it be outdated ?)

Thanks in advance,
Eva & Marcos

All enums with ARB, EXT, or a vendor specific suffix are defined in an extension document.
All official extensions are documented here: http://oss.sgi.com/projects/ogl-sample/registry/
The other enums are in the core spec. http://www.opengl.org/documentation/specs/version2.0/glspec20.pdf

You’re looking for ARB_texture_float.

GL_RGBA_FLOAT32_ARB does not exist, GL_RGBA_FLOAT32_ATI does and is the same as GL_RGBA32F_ARB from the extension above which is based on ATI_texture_float.

Another floating point format extension around is NV_buffer_float.

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