Where to Download the latest version of OPENGL

Hi, as I know the current version of opengl is 1.4, but i can’t find where to download the header and dll file , does anyone knows that, thanks very much…

ATI and NVIDIA have already implemented opengl 2.0 in their latest cards I think. So for the dlls make sure you have the latest driver. As for the header files, you need to find glext.h
In Windows, Microsoft has not implemented anything since 1995 which leaves you with an opengl 1.1 header. Getting glext.h gets you these new extensions. Unfortunately you have to do some fiddling to load the ones you want, but there are projects like glew I think that make it easier for you. Good luck!

I means i just need OpenGL SDK for development… and i want to know how can i get the latest SDK, I even can’t find on www.sgi.com…

The drivers include the function entry points queried by get proc address. So he’s right that you need the drivers. Most of the API interface hasn’t changed. What an SDK gets you is function prototype typedefs for new stuff and some tokens but that’s about it. You don’t call or link directly to new calls the way a traditional SDK would.

You’re looking for gl.h and glext.h, there are many places to get these, from the SDK provided by NVIDIA or ATI and from opengl.org.

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