Where to begin?

I completely new to Linux, and after running a few games like quake and rtcw, and watching how fast they ran, I really got excited about the power of linux. I have done some minor game development in windows with DirectX, but I want to learn opengl so I can make some programs in linux, but I’m not really sure where to begin. Where would you guys recomend me going first to begin making games with linux and opengl? Thanks in advance!

b)nehe.gamedev.net - a lot of opengl tutorials ( and they have linux GLX prots too )

at the moment they have only visual c++ code
but you can find the glx ports of lesson 1-13 here http://www.uni-karlsruhe.de/~Mihael.Vrbanec/projekte.html

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You did not wrote if you have any experience with Direct3D but the red book explains basic to intermediate OpenGL It is available in a earlier version in the online books section here

Thanks everyone, I do have experience with DirectX, and I have seen how similar the commands are in OpenGL. Its they ability to port games easily that really attracts me to OpenGL, I want to be able to distribute to Linux and Windows platforms. I’ll look into those books and check out nehe, thanks for the help.



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