Where should I start if I want to make some type of defomable geometry?

The idea right now is to create a deformable plane. When things push on the plane the plane should deform appropriately. I don’t know how or where to start on this problem, but I was thinking about bezier surfaces…

Any help is much appreciated.

try searching for “nurbs”, which defines a plane using control points to deform it as you want.

Bezier patches, NURBs etc. are computer aided graphics design tools to mold lines and surfaces. They do that well but how are you going to tell the control points what to do?

Modeling deformation is more complicated. You need to simulate the physics such as dropping a weight onto a trampoline. Start with http://www.cs.cmu.edu/~baraff/pbm/pbm.html

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I think this is an interesting problem Ixstala. If you want to work on it together my email is siqe@yahoo.com.