where is the occlusion_query extension?

Does anybody out there know whether the powerVR SGX family can support
occlusion queries? I am really surprised this feature didn’t make it into the
2.x spec.

Thanks -

It looks like OC and queries will need to be vendor extensions.

I think occlusion in GLES2 can be done with shaders.

Could of course be done in shaders - won’t using shaders be horribly inefficient if the hardware doesn’t support OQ?

I think most SGX cores support queries in hardware, but it might depend on which SGX core, perhaps even on revision of that core. So you might want to post this question on the imagination forums with which platform your working on.

I don’t think an extension is necessary, because GLSL already allows for OC behavior, it’s up to vendors whether they want to support this in hardware or software.

But I’m no expert on this topic, so others might others could correct me if I’m wrong.