Where is gl.h?!

I have been searching for it for literally two hours. Not only gl.h but all headers and libraries required to compile an app under Win32. I’m using OpenGL with SDL and it compiles and runs perfectly fine under Linux (with libsdl1.2-dev and other stuff), and I got SDL for Win32 but I simply cannot find a working gl.h anywhere. I’m using Digital Mars compiler, although I tried Visual Studio 2008 and it neither of those have OpenGL headers. Where can I get them, and if possible, please link me to an official site. Maybe I should’ve asked here in the first place, instead of pointlessly searching around for TWO HOURS. I have the .dll’s but of what use are they without .h’s and .lib’s? Any help is appreciated.

Oh yeah and I got Freeglut and GLEW and all that nuts, but no signs of gl.h or any OpenGL .lib’s.

Alright, I found VC++'s .h’s and .lib’s but I can’t get them to work in Digital Mars, and I can’t get my program to work in VC++ either cause it’s not C++ but mothercracking C.

Alright, I modified the code to work on VC++ but I don’t want VC++. I want it to work on a C compiler, the same code that compiles under Linux.

I give up. I’m going back to Linux and Windows will never see my app. Who cares anyway. No one on here seems to do.

You might post a solution anyway, it might help someone with the same problem. I’m out.

On windows, Eclipse CDT with Mingw works fine for me.

My standard MingW came with GL, GLU and GLUT. Try GCC/MingW.

I had exactly the same problem.
My solution:
I took the gl.h from VC++ 6.0 and converted the opengl32.lib of VC++ 6.0 to OMF for use with OPLTINK. Works fine with C and C++.

See this article for more info CB article opengl

Visual C++ 2008 does have gl.h and - despite the name - it is perfectly capable of compiling C programs. In fact my current project is pure C, uses SDL, is cross-platform, and I maintain Code::Blocks and MSVC project files for the source on Windows.

If you’re having difficulties then you’re just not trying hard enough (which pretty much equates to not trying at all as C in MSVC is a total no-brainer) and giving up too easily.

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