where exactly did i click ?

does somebody know, how can i get exact number (axe x,y,z) where did i click ?

There is a method by which you can restore the screen space x,y coordinates

gluUnProject maps the specified window coordinates into object coordinates
using modelMatrix, projMatrix, and viewport. The result is stored in objx,
objy, and objz. A return value of GL_TRUE indicates success, and GL_FALSE
indicates failure.

I tried this but i have not been able to get it to work so did all my transformation math myself and used screen space coordinates to retrive my x,y,z values.

If anyone has been able to make gluUnproject work do post a code sample in here for reference.


so if zou would got it, so please write it here, thank you very much

Well there is a full sample about that at www.gametutorials.com.If you don’t understand it write me a main at Louciersucks@yahoo.com and i’ll explain you everything about the pick matrix.

I haven’t found. Si i tried to write you a mail, but your mail doesn’t exist, can you write it one more time ?