Where do I download openGL 1.2 or higher?

Where do I download openGL 1.2 or higher for the game called SoS made by the company Outspark???

You need to install the drivers for your graphics card.
Probably either Nvidia or ATi/AMD:



If you let us know what kind of computer and video card you have, we can help you more.

Same thing as cookies.

Acer computer and my video card: NVIDIA GeForce 6100 nforce 430

and did you try downloading the drivers from the nvidia site above?

Is it included with Nvida drivers?


My computer is a Compaq & my “display adapter” is: ATI RADEON XPRESS 200 series. PLEASE let me know what I need to do to download OpenGL 1.2 so I can play Outsparks Secret of the Solstice.


As said on my above lik, go to your driver website and get the latest video driver.
select proper OS, type, video family and name here:


lol, is cookies, recipe for disaster and joeyjoeyj the same person?? Ôo or they are highjacking this thread because they are all together at a lan party playing the same game…

ERm…i have the same problem too, erm…idk how to find what my video card thingy is erm…can chu help me? >.< i wanna go on sos again and play…i need to ctach up to the others…

What graphics card did you buy?
I’m pretty sure it’s still there :wink:

You could also look for either AMD/ATI or NVIDIA icon on your taskbar, clisk it and look aroud.

In all my internet scripting & learning Over some Old Pol server and a lot of new thing,

there’s often and almost alway a way to solve a problem without taking the whole programs just a little part or else , ok i agree,

maybe that can generate little bug, and thing like thats depending on what you are playing with.

But i’m really asking myself even if there’s no download for openGL can’t we just take that from any drivers and put it in the C:

or else?

Also when you’r drivers or cards systems do not work like it’s should that could be great to have a programs that can run and uptade the openGl with basic computer version.

when you are not working in this domains. and you buy a computer and the graphic cards you don’t really want to [censored] with that all ur life.

Maybe those video cards creator are just alway updating the driver for older video cards? and don’t think we will not all change or switch for the latest window version?

Dunno where is the problem but this OpenGl are often causing trouble to more then one people as i can see on this forum.

I also need help. I have a DELL laptop with integrated ATI RADEON HD 4500 series video card. I have installed the drivers for it, and although the website instructions state that it supports Open GL 3.XX version, I cannot get a 3d software that needs Open GL 1.3 or higher to work. Could you help? Thanks :O)