Where do i begin

Hi, i want to start progamming opengl.
Can you guys help me?
Thank you.

choose the programming language you want to use and keep in mind that you need an advanced knowledge of this programming language, type on google modern opengl tutorial and start, when and if you will have problems you will come here asking help. Of course, if you want you can buy some books about OpenGL.
Right now this is the only help you can receive since you don’t really need another kind of “help”.

A good place to start assuming a background in C++ is:

Thanks!! But i have a short coincement about c++. I was searching about opengl 2 and opengl 3 and changes a lot, may I should start with opengl 2? What do you think?

While NEHE is indeed a good source for learning OpenGL, don’t be afraid to try other tutorials too! A good strategy I find when learning something is to get as much information from as many different sources as possible. Everyone explains things differently, so if you have trouble understanding one of NEHE’s explanations of a particular topic- try someone else’s… Chances are they will take a completely different approach to the problem and it may make more sense to you.

Good luck anyhow…

I personally found OpenTK (C# port of OpenGL) very helpful in learning openGL fast (probably because i have spent more time with c# recently, and it makes live a lot easier, … again atleast for me while learning)

Can you see this tutorial? If you can comment about. : -)http://www.inf.pucrs.br/~manssour/OpenGL/Tutorial.html

this is all about old OpenGL and right now learning old OpenGL is only a waste of time, like i said if you want to start learning OpenGL in my opinion books are the best way to do it, what you should interested to is Modern OpenGL AKA OpenGL 3.x and above versions.