Where did "tk.h" go?

I’ve just downloaded OpenGL 1.2.1 and I have to ask, where is tk.h?


It’s not part of OpenGL, tk.h is probably a part of the TkToolkit. Why are you looking for it?

I all the documentation I’ve found for OpenGL on the Mac they mention tk.h and tk.lib as the things to use to open textures. I can’t find them in 1.2.1 and so I was wondering how to open textures on the Mac. There was a different thread that suggested using QuickTime but I can’t find out how.

Please help

Hrm, I have no idea what those are then. It might be helpful to just write your own texture loading code for a widely known graphics file format such as targa files. NeHe (Jeff Molofee’s site) at http://nehe.gamedev.net/ has tons of helpful sample code including Mac stuff, probably even more than what you will find on Apple’s site.

Actually, the code that was ported to Mac from NeHe’s site uses tk as well. I’m not sure if they include it in their folders but they might.

I think if you go to Apple’s ftp site ( ftp.apple.com ) and look around in the developers folder you can download the 1.2 version of the OpenGL SDK which has tk.h and tk.lib. You can just copy those.


Did you ever find a solution to the missing tk.h problem? I’m having the same issue.

I thought I did. :slight_smile:

Go to Apple’s site and get the older OpenGL 1.2 SDK and just take the tk.h and tk.lib from it.


People keep saying to go to the apple site (I presume ftp) and download the older OpenGL 1.2 and use tk from there. I can’t find an older version. If someone could point me to an address that would be usefull. And don’t get tricked by the name, the OpenGL1.2 package in the OpenGL folder is actualy 1.2.1.

As for a solution to my problem, I did find a file called readtex.h and readtex.c in one of the example programs in the OpenGL1.21 SDK which did what I needed but I’m just wondering what else I’m missing from the tk library.


You can find Apple’s OpenGL 1.0 SDK at http://www.sover.net/~jams/Morgan/DrawSprocket_AGL/
1.0 has the tk libraries. And if you can’t use the CW libraries (using MPW?) you can recompile the source code into your own static library.

That website is also useful as an introduction to DrawSprocket resolution switching with OpenGL.


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